All India Institute of Nursery Teacher Training & Education, Delhi was established under the aegis of Rural Urban Skill & Development Educational Trust to conduct Early Childhood Care, Skills & Vocational based programmes Education & Training. Our aim to start AIINTTE is by giving them better life and making self-reliant by fostering financial inadequacy and beautification of children living in the remote area and by promoting women’s education with education and employment oriented education. It will be our priority to educate people by promoting technical education with Indian culture. Because the technical education plays an important role in the human resource development of the country by generating efficient mass power, increasing industrial production and improving the quality of life of the people.

The “All India Institute of Nursery Teacher Training & Education” is accredited with ‘ISO’ (International Standardization Organization) ratification which in itself is the Mark of Excellence.

The Quality Management System is in Compliance with ISO 9001: 2015. ISO 9001 is a series of standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These standards define quality for products and services extended by the institution.

For an organization to be ISO 9001 certified it must meet the standards of its institute and submit to an examination by an independent auditor. As a quality policy.

The AIINTTE collaborates and promotes communications with other organisations concerned directly with Early Childhood care & Education, NTT/PTT/ NPTT/ PETT, courses and other Skills & Development Based Programmes.