(Important Instruction)

  1. Before entry to the Examination Hall the examinees will be frisked for any notes, chits, papers and books etc. They are not supposed to carry anything in the Examination Hall except their admit cards, pens, pencils. No calculators or any other electronic gadget will be allowed except if specifically permitted. Examinees must report to the Examination Centre at least one hour before commencement of each examination.
  2. If any examinee is caught using unfair means like copying from notes, chits, book, other answer books, cassettes, programmed computer or talking with fellow examinees, leaving Identification marks on the answer books, creating disturbance in the Examination Hall, threatening or assaulting on invigilator or any person associated with the conduct of examination. she will be expelled from the examination and debarred from appearing at any Examination for a period ranging from one to four years.
  3. There is no provision of re-examination in case of walkout or stay out. If there is any complaint regarding question paper, the candidates are required to appear in examination peacefully and submit an application regarding their problem to the Centre Superintendent only after the examination is over.
  4. Duplicate admit card will be issued on application, with a fine of Rs. 150/-, to the AIINTTE, Head Office, Patna, along with an affidavit sworn in the Court of Magistrate First Class.
  5. A seat, with a number corresponding to that on the Admit Card she has received, will be allotted to each candidate, had a book in which to write her answers will be found on her desk. Candidate will be required to find out and occupy their allotted seats. The order in which the candidates are seated will be forwarded to the Examiners. Any candidate detected in helping another or attempting to obtain unfair assistance will be struck of from the list of candidates. No communication whatsoever between candidates, while under Examination, will be allowed.
  6. No candidate, without the permission of the Examination Hall in-charge, is to leave her seat or the Examination Hall until the end of the Examination.
  7. Each candidate will write on the outside of her answer book her Roll No. and registration number but not her name. Candidates are warned that no answer paper will be evaluated unless the candidates Roll Number and Registration number are clearly written on it.
  8. Any attempt by a candidate to render the identification of her answer paper by giving false Roll Number or by intentionally omitting to state her Roll Number and Registration number as required in the preceding Rule, will subject to her expulsion from the Examination.
  9. Candidates are forbidden to write answer or anything else on the question paper or blotting paper.
  10. No candidate will be allowed to leave the room until an hour has elapsed from the time when the papers are given. Question papers in no case to be given to any candidate, who is more than half-an-hour late.
  11. No candidate will be allowed to re-enter the examination room during the hours of Examination after quitting it once. In case of urgent necessity, a candidate may, with the special permission of the Hall In-charge, temporarily leave the Examination Hall but during her stay outside she must be under the surveillance of a person to be deputed by the Centre Superintendent for that purpose.
  12. A candidate having completed her paper must handover to the Hall incharge before leaving the Examination Hall. Precisely five minutes before the time fixed for giving out the question papers a warning bell will be rung as assigned, for all candidates to take their seats. After the warning bell has been rung, any outsider, found loitering in the Hall or near the entrance to the building where an Examination is to be held, will be liable to expulsion, guilty of Trespass.
  13. In any case, not provided for in these rules, as in case when a candidate is more or less disabled but still able to the Examination, reference should be made to the Superintendent of the examination and the decision of College will be considered final in all such cases. Important Notice : Any complaints will be accepted within one month after publication of result, thereafter Rs. 100/- will be charged for any correction.